Rigid Foam Insulation

Rigid Foam Insulation in IA

Rigid Foam Insulation from Dr. Energy Saver

SilverGlo™ foam panels do an excellent job of insulating basement and crawl space walls.

Today there are quite a few different kinds of insulation available. Among this variety of materials, rigid foam insulation has become very popular for its durability, high insulating value and other benefits as well.

Unlike fiberglass batt insulation, rigid foam boards never lose insulating value by settling or compressing.

Foam boards shed water instead of soaking it up like cellulose and fiberglass insulation do; and foam insulation won’t support mold or provide a home for mice, insects and other pests.

Home Insulation Contractors in IA

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SilverGlo™ sets a new standard for rigid foam insulation in IA

Recognizing the critical role that rigid foam insulation plays in improving home energy performance, Dr. Energy Saver has developed its own brand of rigid foam insulation.

The first thing you notice about SilverGlo™ is that it looks different from other brands of rigid foam insulation. When SilverGlo™ boards are made, they are infused with graphite powder to improve insulating value. Each board also has a reflective coating that acts as an effective radiant barrier. A 2-in.-thick board is rated at R-9, or R-11 if there’s an air space adjacent to the radiant barrier. Thicker boards are also available for applications where more R-value is required.

SilverGlo™ insulation is very versatile

SilverGlo™ insulation can be used as crawl space and basement insulation in addition to attic insulation. Boards are easy to cut and install. Taping seams between boards creates an effective air barrier, providing yet another energy-saving feature.

Insulation plays a major role in improving home comfort and reducing the cost of heating and cooling. SilverGlo™ is one of many different insulating and air-sealing products available from Dr. Energy Saver.

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We also offer a comprehensive home energy audit where we evaluate your home's energy efficiency and comfort. In doing so, we can provide a prioritized list of suggested repairs and upgrades-- which we also provide!

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